COOKIETOAST PRODUCTIONS, based in Nashville, TN, features the musical creations of Alan M. Cook and provides a broad range of music production and marketing services.

Alan has been playing piano, composing songs, and recording for over 20 years, and has real-world experience in both studio production and live sound.

CookieToast Productions hosts a project studio in Hermitage, TN and can also provide mobile recording and public address (PA) equipment for your next studio session or live event.  Some of our  primary service offerings include:

Song and Track Composition  |  Arrangement and Sequencing  |  Digital Recording & Production Services  |  Live Sound Reinforcement


Since 2006, Alan and fellow Nashvillian Jamie "J-Tizzle" Hines, the talented Producer, Artist, & Musician behind Mysta Kinfolk Productions, have been dedicated to a musical partnership known as MK | CT ENTERTAINMENT, which offers a fresh perspective on R&B and Hip-Hop music production. 

In a city that some will be quick to associate with only country music, and in a region where Hip-Hop can so often be incorrectly categorized as simply Dirty South, MK | CT ENTERTAINMENT seeks to depart from the so-called norm.  The collective dedication and belief in our music has resulted in a growing catalog of over 100 songs and tracks, including collaborations with many talented Nashville artists, including Jayson "J-Gutta" Hazley, Sam "Sosa" King, Benzarelli, and Malaki / Black Beast. 

MK | CT ENTERTAINMENT is continually seeking talented individuals for collaborations on singles and multi-song projects. 

Alan has worked with many artists and has produced songs and tracks of differing styles, including Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Country, and Jazz. A few of the artists that Alan has worked with include:

* Benzarelli

* Cloud 10

* Kevin Cook

* D.J. Taz

* Jayson "J-Gutta" Hazley

* Jamie "J-Tizzle" Hines

* Sam "Sosa" King

* Malaki aka Black Beast

* Will Polk

* Nathan Schock

We also provide the following Career Development & Management services for up-and-coming artists:

* Artist Bios

* Business Plans

* Career Analysis

* Industry Networking

* Graphics / Logo Design